Manual Wheelchair Vs. Electric Wheelchair: Which Is the Best?

electric wheelchair compared to manual wheelchair

Wheelchairs are commonly used by older members of your family or by the disabled people around you. It is a great form of convenience and accessibility. Just like every area is covered with the latest technology, how can we set wheelchairs out of this? The technology has also entered the world of wheelchairs. With this, it is difficult to choose between manual and electric wheelchairs because some people think that old is gold, and some like to move forward in the world of the latest technological innovations. Due to all this, we have decided to take this matter into our hands, and to solve this debate in short, we have prepared a guide on Manual wheelchair vs. electric wheelchair: which is the best?

What is a Manual Wheelchair?

A manual wheelchair is the most widely used mobility product. They are easy to use and don’t require any technical way to keep them moving. Some newer models also offer customizable features for improved comfort and functionality.

Pros Of Manual Wheelchair

Convenient solution for travel

The convenience of a manual wheelchair makes it an ideal choice for a lot of users. Manual wheelchairs are lightweight and easy to move around. You can also easily fold them down for storage. Our Wheelchair model 875- Entra Classic series is lightweight and easy to move, the perfect choice for people who travel very frequently.

Low maintenance required

A manual wheelchair includes fewer moving parts than an electric wheelchair. The manual wheelchair does not include cords or a joystick that you need to replace after every regular interval. But this doesn’t mean they don’t require maintenance and be good for a lifetime. They also need maintenance to maintain the comfort and safety of the user. The point here is that maintenance is not as costly as an electric chair. 

Physical Activity

Older members don’t like to add exercise to their daily routines. In that situation, a manual wheelchair plays a crucial part in engaging the individual in physical activities, can result in cardiovascular exercise, and help maintain muscle strength. It promotes a more active lifestyle.


Manual wheelchairs are much more affordable than electric wheelchairs because manual wheelchairs do not include any electric accessory like an electric wheelchair. 

Cons Of Manual Wheelchair

Physical Strain

The biggest disadvantage of having a manual wheelchair is it does not feature any automatic working capability. This is a considerable problem for individuals with limited upper body strength or facing any medical problem. 


The manual wheelchair can make you dependent on other support for moving, and a lot of people want to be in every scenario. So having a manual wheelchair is less effective for users who lack the upper body independent strength or coordination required to self-propel, and due to all this, they may need the assistance of other people for mobility, potentially affecting individual independence.

What is an electric wheelchair?

An electric wheelchair is also known as a power chair because it is powered via the battery and offers comfort that you will not get while using a manual wheelchair. This technological innovation has made it easy to get around. There are many benefits to using electric wheelchairs, but with all this; there are also drawbacks to using electric wheelchairs. Here we will discuss all to make the right decision.

Pros of electric wheelchair

Easier to Use

With the electric wheelchair, you don’t need to invest your energy around. Just with the click of a button, you are where you want. An electric wheelchair makes it easier for people who need a wheelchair but can also walk short distances and give them more energy to walk when they need to. 


Power wheelchairs are also a little larger than regular wheelchairs because they contain a battery and motor. It also indicates that there is more room for support and comfort as they contain larger cushions and comfort levels due to all this. The electric wheelchairs are customizable and offer extra support to the traveler when needed.

Safer Option

Electric wheelchairs are safer than ordinary or manual wheelchairs because they are less likely to tip over. The electric chair can withstand traveling over bumps and debris on pavement and other terrains.

Freedom and accessibility

Electric wheelchair helps users move around easily without investing much energy, which allows them to go out for longer or much farther distances. The power wheelchairs also include batteries, so it is a better choice for those who have mobility issues. Now they can easily move around the world, take fresh air, go shopping, and for almost anything. 

Cons of Electric Wheelchairs

Maintenance Challenges

Without any doubt, power wheelchairs offer a high level of mobility and independence for the individual with disability or impairments. But there are also some challenges associated with these devices. The electric wheelchair comes with complex electrical equipment that needs to be replaced within a certain time. Users might experience disruptions in their daily routines when their electric wheelchairs are in need of repair, potentially leading to inconvenience and frustration.

Limited Accessibility

Electric wheelchairs provide users with the ability to cover longer distances within a short time period. But these are not always suitable for every environment. Many older buildings, public spaces, and outdoor terrains are not designed to accommodate the size and weight of electric wheelchairs. This limitation can hinder users from accessing certain places, leading to a reduced sense of freedom and inclusion. 

Battery Dependence

One of the most significant drawbacks of electric wheelchairs is their reliance on batteries. Users must regularly charge their wheelchair’s batteries to ensure uninterrupted operation. However, this dependency on batteries can lead to anxiety about running out of power, especially when users are away from a charging source. 

Wrap up

Both electric wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs are best depending on your requirements. The choice between them is completely dependent on your needs. Take a look at this brief guide and make a wise decision according to your requirement; for more help, you can also read our guide on essential factors to consider when purchasing an electric wheelchair.