Baseus Deep Space Formaldehyde Purifier

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  1. Car micromolecule formaldehyde purifierMicro-molecules for the rescue! – Purifier spreads micro-molecules to capture formaldehyde, odors, smog and moldy carpet and evenly diffuses the aura. The fast and remarkable effect that keeps continuous even form 3 months on one solvent.How did it work? – Formaldehyde is a substance containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The micro-molecules of the new patented technology has 19 unsaturated electrons on the outer layer, which can quickly capture outer electrons of the substance, change its properties and degrade it into non-toxic and harmless carbon dioxide and water.

    Enemy of odor – The accessory is not cover up ugly scents. It completely eliminates them! Totally removes formaldehyde to purify the air instead of concealing it. It takes from 3 to 7 minutes, depends on the size of the car.

    Elegant and durable – Made of high-quality aerial aluminum material with a classy and fashionable original design. It’s perfectly fit in into your car. Make it a part of it!

    Easy to install – Installed once, it will automatically purify the air for a long time. All you need to do is open the cap, place the formaldehyde purifier inside, twist the cap to the left and right until the film of the core is totally cut, and gently shake for a while. That’s all!

    Multiple authoritative reports – Efficiency of the purifier was confirmed by independent specialists.

    Check it for yourself – Beside of the purifier and solvent, the package includes a complete detection kit that allows you to check the quality of the air and concentration of formaldehyde.

    Healthy and safe aroma – The Solvent scent is non-toxic and harmless. Perfectly safe even for pregnant woman and babies.

    With its own natural fragrance – It evenly diffuses a naturally aromatic fragrance to every corner of the car.

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