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  • The NeuroPro series of EMG devices are the most modern feats of technological engineering utilizing ultra sensitive sensors to measure every activity of the brain.
  • The customized software will ensure the user has the most advanced analysis tools available on their finger tips.
  • The equipment records bioelectricity activity of nerve muscle for determining its function state, which combines with nerve conduction speed, to give patient an auxiliary diagnosis.
  • Checking contents: EMG(electromygram), MCS(motor nerve conductor velocity), SCS(sensory nerve conductor velocity), F wave, Hreflex, RNS(repetitive nerve stimulation), Blink Reflex, VEP(visual evoked potential), BAEP(brainstem auditory evoked potential), SEP(somatosensory evoked potential), etc.



  • Professional EMG/EP operation platform and perfect test items, complete each test in the shortest time.
  • Neuro and muscle navigation system, convenient in selecting test part.
  • Powerful normal values system, contrast with normal data automatically.
  • Flexible software design, configure system parameters according to requirements.
  • High-speed data collection, electromagnetic interference suppression, Photoelectric isolation and low noise.
  • Integrative hardware system, compact in configuration and easy in moving.



Main system part

A/D conversion resolution  16 Bit
Sampling ratio   200kHz
Analysis time   5-5000ms
Stimulating frequency  0.1-50Hz

Amplifier part

Sensitivity    0.05μV-20mV/Grid
Earth noise   EMG <= 4μV(Vpp)
EP <=0.1μV(Vpp)(1000 times in average)
Common-mode rejection ratio   >= 100Db
50Hz Ban wave setting:
Upper limit for Filter-frequency   20kHz
Lower limit for Filter-frequency   0.01Hz
Gain amplifies 25 times-400000 times

Stimulator part

Constant current   0.2-100mA
Pulse width   50-1000μS
Short circuit and overloading protection

Auditory Stimulator

Stimulation wave   40Hz Short, Sound Stim
Stimulation polarity   nondense wave, dense wave and alternant wave.
Sound strength   40-120db (1db per level) 
Stimulation mode   left, right, left & right
Frequency of 40Hz carrier wave 500-8000Hz

Visual stimulator

Mode tessellation, horizontal bar and vertical bar.
Stimulation view all-view, half-view and quarter-view
Resolution 3×4, 6×8, 12×16, 24×32, 48×64

Physical characteristic

Dimension: 420mm*350mm*46mm(L×W×H)
Net weight :6KG

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