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Yuwell – Sphygmomanometer Mercurial Blood Pressure Apparatus




Yuwell – Sphygmomanometer Mercurial Blood Pressure Apparatus Family Kit – Mercury Based Manual Blood Pressure Monitor

Yuwell sphygmomanometer is a desk-type mercurial sphygmomanometer & also a traditional BP Machine with Stethoscope. It is stable & gives long life. Stethoscope contains Flat-shaped head is used to listen low-frequency heart sound & the tube adopt with quality & strength

  • Double Unit Display: kPa & mmHg
  • Permissable Error: +/- 0.5kPa (3.75mmHg)
  • Minimum Scale division: 0.5kPa
  • Precision air release valve, wear free with regulation
  • Cuff with two tone rubber bladder
  • Metal face plate with easy to read scale upto 300mmHg
  • Mercury lock to secure mercury during storage, transport or maintenance
  • Fold down cover with spring lock mechanism
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