10L ZY 10AW Oxygen Concentrator with 95 Purity front
10L ZY 10AW Oxygen Concentrator with 95 Purityright 75 100x100 1

ZY-10FW Oxygen Concentrator

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ZY-10FW 10L Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator is Home Use and suitable for all kinds of people.It can supply continuous flow for more than 48hours. The Flow is 10L/Min adjustable.Two people can simultaneously absorp oxygen.The oxygen concentration is up to 96% when the flow is 1-10L. Intelligent voice function. Small size for being easy to ship and carry.

Model ZY-10AW /ZY-10FW
Oxygen Flow Rate range 10L/Min(can be adjusted 1L-10L/min)
Oxygen concentration 93% ±3%(1-10L/min)
Noise Level Less than 45dB
Outlet Pressure 20kPa-70kPa
Product Size 39*37*78cm
Package size 52*50*95cm
Rated Power 32/29KG
Power Supply AC110/220V, 50/60Hz
Color White
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