New Pak Surgical is a Medical supply retail and distribution company

We focused primarily on Mobility and Recovery/Rehab

Mobility and Recovery/Rehab equipment entails  tools that benefit the action of physical movement for people recovering from illness or injury. These tools or instruments help rehabilitate its users to a lifestyle oriented with self care management.

New Pak Surgical is a quick emerging brand that has gained popularity as Pakistan’s Largest mobility equipment supplier. Housing the most diverse selection of mobility equipment including but not limited to, electric wheelchairs, patient lifters, electronic standing assists, manual standing and sitting assists, walking frames, and manual wheelchairs from universally recognized brands hailing from the United Kingdom, The United States, and China. Not only this, but you will be amazed to know our wheelchair price in Karachi. You can quickly check our wheelchair price in Karachi by visiting our wheelchair product page.

In its first year of trade, New Pak Surgical gained success by capturing the position of “Authorised Distributor” For regions extending to entire states and cities for the biggest brands in rehabilitation in the Pakistani market. The first of its kind, New Pak Surgical is the first and only company in Pakistan to not only hold one, but 4 authorised regional distributorships at a time for mobility equipment alone. 

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New Pak Surgical is a duly organised firm, operating under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, compliant with all federal revenue and customs authorities, New Pak Surgical stands out as a complete rehabilitation solutions supplier. From the makers of Sohrab Industries Limited, Pakistan’s leading cycle manufacturer in the late 1900’s. New Pak Surgical is well apt in the field of manufacturing, advancing our prospects towards fully customised solutions, for each individual requirement. 

At the core of its aspiration for success, New Pak Surgical stands by its motto, “Mobility Is Ability” stating that any movement is a talent or skill, no matter the difference. Our progress as people is in our inherent ability to adapt to change and New Pak Surgical stands for cultivating the growth of our community by providing the necessary tools and infrastructure required to make every opportunity accessible for all abilities. 

Our firm is experienced to handle high volume dispatches countrywide.

New Pak Surgical is the first company in Pakistan to take over the digital space by introducing “Detailed Reviews and Tutorials” for our range of Rehabilitation and Mobility products. As of April 2021, New Pak Surgical has uploaded content of over 20 different mobility assistance devices, the first and only channel keeping its users up to date with the newest additions in the mobility and rehabilitation market, with engaging videos in Urdu (verbal) and English (text) 

New Pak Surgical has distributors that showcase the variety of its products in the most commercial markets in Pakistan.

New Pak Surgical has showrooms in the centre of the medical equipment hub in Punjab, situated on Robert Road, Bank Square, as well as Main Gulberg, MM Alam Road and Township. New Pak Surgical spreads its reach to the most centralised spaces in the region. 

New Pak Surgical has delivered over 150 Electric Wheelchairs and over 300 Manual wheelchairs in the course of June 2019 – April 2021 throughout Pakistan. Our company offers services like no other, with standard warranties ranging from 6 months to 1 year, New Pak Surgical offers nationwide technical assistance and on-call service providers 14 hours a day. 

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New Pak Surgical is in association with

The Arthritis Care Foundation

Pakistan’s leading rheumatology clinic which caters to over 1000 patients with conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Osteoarthritis and more. Founded by Dr. Sumaira Farman Raja, Dr Nighat Mir and Dr Ahmad Saeed.
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Society for Multiple Sclerosis in Pakistan

(SMSPP) supports patients with Multiple sclerosis. Founded by Afroz Syed, a patient of Multiple Sclerosis. New Pak Surgical caters to the organisation by providing equipment on a non profit basis as well as free of cost from time to time. ​

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