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  • Stimulation current:
    • 2 independent channels with provision for setting individual intensities
    • 2 independent timers
    • 5 diagnostic menus incl. I/T-curve (automatic)
    • Automatic current switch-off (separately for both channels)
  • Medium-frequency currents:
    • IF (classic interferential current)
    • AMF (bipolar medium-frequency current)
    • MT (medium-frequency interrupted direct current)
    • KOTS (Russian stimulation)
  • Low-frequency currents:
    • G (galvanic current)
    • GMC (galvanic microcurrent)
    • DF, MF, CP (Standard, ISO, ID), LP, RS (diadynamic currents)
    • UR (Träbert)
    • HV
    • TENS
    • MENS (nerve-stimulation with microcurrent)
    • IG 30
    • IG 50
    • FM
    • STOCH
    • HVS
    • FaS (faradic current)
    • T/R (exponential current)
    • Large 8″ colour monitor for good overview
    • Easy one-button operation
    • Extensive indications menu with treatment proposals, comprehensive information, recommended dosages, application videos as well as filtering function by body region, therapy form, therapeutical effect or alphabetically
    • Up to 100 data base entries for patient: storage ability per patient up to 10 electrotherapyparameters and 5 diagnostical results
    • “Potpourri” function: the stored configurations can be recalled as sequence
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