8 Traveling Tips For Electric Wheelchairs Users

traveling on an electric wheelchair

Are you disabled? Then the thought of travel can be stressful for you. Traveling with a wheelchair is not very easy. Sitting in one place waiting for boarding in line is overwhelming. 

Thought of all these things might force you to drop the idea of travel. But there is a better solution. Many places in the world are handicap accessible for scooter users and power chair users. By planning a few things, you can make your travel easy and also great fun. 

So, to help you travel with wheelchairs smoothly here, we have prepared a guide on traveling tips for electric wheelchair users. Let’s kick start this journey together. 

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Learn about wheelchair traveling policies

There are some policies that every wheelchair user has to follow while they travel. Learning about your destination’s legal regulations is not enough, as there are also some airline policies for electric wheelchair users. So, research the airline’s website and communicate with them before booking your ticket. So with this, you can know their policies for wheelchair users, and it is also possible that they will guide you to the best option.  

Pack Wisely

You can easily make your travel a hell by not packing the right essentials. Hence, it is important to list all the essentials you need during your travel, especially when traveling with a wheelchair. The essential items can include spare batteries, chargers and maintenance tools for your electric wheelchair. Carry extra supplies for emergencies, such as a repair kit and basic first aid items. Ensure your chair’s batteries are fully charged before departure.

Call the airline

Once you have booked your ticket, then it’s time to contact your airline and guide them about your initial needs like telling them about your flight time and arrival and revealing your wheelchair details like size, width and length so they will find the most accessible solution for you before you arrive at the airport. In addition, when traveling with the electric wheelchair, let them know about the battery type of your wheelchair, either wet, dry, or gel cell. Also, inform them about any special needs like an aisle chair to board the plane and communicate if you need assistance to transfer you into an hour plane seat. 

Learn about the country’s laws 

Invest some time in understanding the government policies for wheelchair users before your flight. This will save you from any kind of illegal discrimination with you because you are disabled. Read your country’s policies to stand against your rights and take any possible action if anything happens during your flight. 

Review your wheelchair carefully

You are traveling in your wheelchair, so you must know everything about it, including what it includes and what not. Knowing your wheelchair will assure you about all the undamaged parts and from where it is damaged because, unfortunately, we don’t know how airline staff treat your wheelchair, and sometimes, it also results in wheelchair damage. In addition, if this happens, it is completely your airline’s responsibility to fix all damage done by them.

How to avoid wheelchair damage?  

You can easily prevent your wheelchair from damage by attaching the operating instructions of your wheelchair simply on how to operate it and how to fold and tilt it. In addition, it is also recommended to take off any removable parts like seat cushions, removable wheels and footrests. Keep these things on the plane to avoid any type of loss.

Research about battery policies

Every airline has different policies, especially about your wheelchair batteries, so learn about your airline battery policies. Some airlines recommend you uncharge your wheelchair battery, while others recommend removing it. These restrictions are due to the different types of batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are normally required to be removed for everyone’s safety on the flight. Other battery types are not required to be removed, so knowing these things allow you to prepare in advance for your trip.

Take a picture of your wheelchair

Your wheelchair can damage because of the kind of treatment it gets during your flight, so to identify the damages, it is important to have a picture of your wheelchair. It is also proof against any serious damage to your wheel cha; by doing this, you can avoid any misunderstanding.

Carry Essential Documentation

Your wheelchair documents are also important when you are traveling. So, we recommend you keep all the wheelchair documents readily available, including warranty information, repair manuals, and prescription from your doctor regarding your medical needs. Additionally, carry a list of emergency contacts, including your doctor’s number and the contact information of the nearest wheelchair repair service at your destination.


Enjoy your travel no matter your destination because we have gathered all the information you need before traveling anywhere with your electric wheel. Everyone has a right to enjoy the trip, also a disabled person. Just follow these guidelines before and during your travel to avoid any mishaps. In addition, we recommend you visit New Pak Surgical for the best electric wheelchair if you think you need to buy a new wheelchair for your travel. We offer all the best wheelchairs at pocket-friendly prices.

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