Ambu® I.V. Trainer AMBU DANMARK


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  • ealistic Training
  • Replaceable skin and veins
  • Indicator Panel

The Ambu IV Trainer is for training the insertion of cannulas and catheters, the infusion of fluids and the injection of medication, blood sampling and pulse measurement.

I.V. Trainer


The Ambu IV Trainer offers a realistic training. The special design incorporates 3 veins and 1 artery. The radialis pulse can be manually simulated and can be felt on the wrist of the IV Arm.

Replaceable skin and veins are made of natural latex, which features hole closure after penetration, extending the lifetime of the arm. The movable wrist and rotating arm ensure absolutely realistic training, especially when a catheter is placed on the back of the hand.

The fluid reservoir is built into the training arm, avoiding a separate reservoir taking up space. The valve system reduces the formation of air pockets in blood vessels. Multi-purpose carry case serves both as a washable underlay and as a protective carrying case. It also incorporates a bracket for easy mounting of infusion stand. The indicator panel represents each blood vessel, giving immediate feedback if e.g. an infusion is correct. 


Dimensions: 75 x 15 x 11 cm

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