Ultra Low – 4 Function Electronic Bed (Imported China)




### Kaiyang Medical ULTRA LOW 3-Function Bed

The **Kaiyang Medical ULTRA LOW 3-Function Bed** enhances patient care and safety. This top-quality, imported medical bed suits patients at risk of falls, thanks to its ultra-low height adjustment feature. Combining essential functions with durable construction, the Kaiyang Medical ULTRA LOW bed ensures both patient comfort and caregiver convenience.

#### Key Features

**Three Electronic Functions**

– **Head Raise**: You can easily adjust the headrest to provide optimal comfort and aid in patient recovery. This function benefits respiratory support and eases patient mobility.
– **Knee Raise**: This feature allows precise adjustment of the knee section, enhancing circulation and reducing pressure points. As a result, patients experience superior comfort.
– **Height Adjustment to Ultra-Low Position**: Lowering the bed to an ultra-low position minimizes injury risk from falls. Therefore, this feature ensures maximum safety for fall-prone patients.

**Robust Construction**

– High-quality materials ensure longevity and reliability.
– The sturdy frame meets the diverse needs of medical facilities, handling rigorous use.

**Patient and Caregiver Convenience**

– User-friendly controls enable seamless operation by both patients and healthcare providers.
– Quiet and smooth motor operation minimizes noise disruptions, enhancing the caregiving environment.

**Enhanced Safety**

– The ultra-low height adjustment significantly reduces fall risk. This makes it ideal for elderly or fall-prone patients.
– Safety features such as side rails and a reliable braking system provide additional security and stability.

**Imported Quality**

– Kaiyang Medical ensures adherence to international quality and performance standards by importing this bed from a reputable manufacturer.
– Rigorous inspections and testing guarantee each bed meets stringent quality benchmarks before purchase.

**Warranty and Support**

– A comprehensive warranty provides peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.
– Our dedicated after-sales support promptly addresses any issues or concerns, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

#### Specifications

– **Dimensions**: [Insert dimensions here]
– **Weight Capacity**: [Insert weight capacity here]
– **Power Requirements**: [Insert power requirements here]

#### Why Choose the Kaiyang Medical ULTRA LOW 3-Function Bed?

Hospitals, nursing homes, and home care settings will find the Kaiyang Medical ULTRA LOW 3-Function Bed an excellent choice due to its focus on safety, comfort, and ease of use. The ultra-low position is particularly beneficial for patients at high risk of falls, providing an added layer of security. By investing in the Kaiyang Medical ULTRA LOW bed, you prioritize patient safety without compromising on comfort or functionality.

### Contact Us

For more information or to place an order, visit [NewPakSurgical.com](https://www.newpaksurgical.com) or contact our sales team today. Experience the superior safety and functionality of the Kaiyang Medical ULTRA LOW 3-Function Bed, backed by our exceptional warranty and customer service.

Packing size: 2280x1000x300mm (Assembled)
2280x940x170mm(Bed parts)
(Disassembled) g40x110x560mm/(Head and loot board)
N.W.: 100 KG

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